When Shazna and I set up magnificent! in 2002, quite a few of our clients were still using DV cameras and shooting 4×3 (ie square) footage.

We also shot in Standard Definition on Digibeta. It was a pretty good format as things go and was the defacto standard for telly. As late as 2002 I know of productions that would use BetaSP if they had to.

As the Noughties moved on, the technology improved no end and DV became HDV and the Sony Z1 become the Sony EX1 etc. Today the number and type of cameras available is incredible. 5k cameras under £20,000, 4K cameras such as the Sony FS7 (our favourite) at virtually consumer prices. Then there are the DSLRs, the Go Pros, the drones, even – don’t laugh – the Iphones.

These days we shoot 4k and edit in 1080p but have used every format you can imagine over the years. Below is a longer version of our current showreel. There is lots of good stuff in there but we had to decide whether to include items shot on on Standard Definition cameras. However good the content, it will always look like bad VHS versions compared to today’s clean, sharp lenses and cameras.

So here it is.