Lots of companies say that.
But what does audio mean? 
Location sound for a documentary. 
Studio sound for a chat show.
Mixing radio mics at a conference.
Creating soundscapes for a short film.
Composing and recording music.
Recording voiceovers.
Dialogue mixing for docs and films.
Engineering a live band.
Mic-ing up a school play.

Where do you start?
We can help with all of it.

We have plenty of our own sound facilities including
our own voiceover facilities and recording studio.
Our video sound cupboard contains all the mics
you would expect from Sennheiser, Rode and Sony.

We have a dedicated audio post-production room 
with Yamaha HS8 and Tannoy monitoring.
Most importantly, we have a huge amount of experience.
When the production needs it, we also have a great
little black book of other experienced audio personnel –
everything from location recordists to dance music engineers.

We have recorded the sound of hay carts in India, dozens of
conferences, recorded a classical trio, a 14 piece band and mic’d
up a huge number of celebrities for interview: The Spice Girls,
Michael Caine, Paul McCartney, Noam Chomsky, Jay Z, Brian
Wilson, Ken Clarke, Mary Beard. 

Our co-founder, Des Burkinshaw, is also a composer, arranger and
engineer. He has released two albums on vinyl/CD under the name of
theghostorchestra but also writes background and theme music. A 3 minute sampler of his instrumental/film music is on the right.