Just before Christmas we got an SOS from recently graduated actor Oliver Brassell. He needed a showreel but only had a few wobble-cam movement pieces filmed.

With the help of his actor friend Holly, we borrowed a flat in Chalk Farm and then directed, lit, filmed and edited a few snippets for him.

It all had to be done in a day and as there was no time for a recce, we had to think on our feet.

The final scene was particularly challenging. We had to black out the room, partially light Olly and create some light movement by dangling the end of a scarf in front of one of the dedolights.

If you need a reel doing, whether it’s shot from scratch or a mix of old and new footage, give us a call. You could expect to get something similar to this (providing you are as professional as Olly and have learnt your lines in advance) for about £350-£450.  This normally wouldn’t cover the cost of shooting for a day let alone editing, but we know how hard it is to get noticed as an actor. We ask only that you are flexible on dates so that we can do these on downtime days for us but can usually turn a reel around within two weeks.  Give Des a call on 07879 811522 or drop him a line  des@magnificent.tv