“Enthusiasm, sensitivity, artistry and skill. 

They really are magnificent!”

Nancy Sinatra



All of us want to work with people who can balance creativity with rock-solid professionalism. Jobs and careers can depend on getting that choice of supplier right.

If you haven’t worked with us before, then let us introduce you to an award-winning safe pair of hands. Magnificent! was formed by two TV producer/directors with credits on all the major UK channels – BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, CBBC, CBeebies, Channel 4, ITV Sky and Discovery. 

We have handled everything from festivals to conferences, a single day’s PD shooting to 10-camera outside broadcasts. We have made documentaries, pop promos, corporate films, showreels and virals.  Clients range from the BBC and government to household names and rising talent. 

We run training courses for PR professionals – and the teenagers hoping to be the filmmakers of tomorrow. And with a background on Fleet Street (The Times), we also provide a sensitive and experienced approach for when it’s all about the story. 

Our edit, offices and voiceover studio are based in Hackney, East London, but we travel the UK, Europe and the World.  

People often say it’s hard to find good new clients but it’s equally true about good new talent. So if you have been struggling with your films and events for whatever reason, why not give magnificent! a call. We’ll do our best to live up to our name.

“We aim to be the most diverse, creative, economical,
intelligent, professional and fun bunch of media
people you ever work with. Nothing ambitious then.”


Film, 4K, GoPros, TV.
We work with them all.


Location and post.
Recording facilities.


Festivals & conferences.
AV to production.


Broadcast your event live. 
Promote with social media.


PR Professionals, teachers.
Students & after-school.


“magnificent! are indispensable partners working

with us at the British Academy”

Tim Brassell, Director of Comms


And now, if you're ready to watch some complete films, head over to our Video Examples page.

“These interviews are magnificent!

I urge you all to watch and read them immediately.”

Sir Melvyn Bragg